Canvas is a powerful suite that reduces your learning curve on new projects, so you start a new project with all the tools you need.

Templating, automatic reload, error handling, easy publishing, snippets, all you need for rapid prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping

Sensible Templates

Nunjucks is an extensive templating language with templates, pages, partials, loops and macros.

Perfect to slice your HTML in different, reusable modules.

Review changes and errors

Browsersync automatically reloads page if html or json files are edited, or injects CSS changes if sass files change.

Error handling notifies you via desktop if you write something wrong.

Automatic Publishing

Publishes distribution folder on github, automatically.


Bootstrap, if you want. Semantic UI, if that's your cup of tea. No framework if you want it too.


Snippets help you prototype faster.

All snippets you need for Sublime Text. Why remember all syntax when you can access it with one word?

Data Loops

Don't Repeat Yourself with reusable json loops, with relevant lists (think countries, US states, languages) right out of the box.

Industry Standard Tools

Browser and System Debugging

Modernizr (+ detectizr) detects technical specs on the machine your page is loaded, and adds sensible classes on your html tag:

System: mac, windows, linux, ios, android...

Browser: firefox, chrome, ie, safari...

Functions: touch, etc.


All symbols you can think of.

Useful CSS Helpers


Extending from Animate.css framework, all mixins you need for animation and transition, right out of the box.

Font Generation

Make any font browser-ready. If you have the file, you can display it.

Clean up your CSS

unCSS removes all unused rules from your css file, automatically, reducing filesize by A LOT.

Email Templates

inline CSS preps HTML files for email format.

Useful Snippets

Write faster CSS with snippets for colors, responsive layout, list selection, and more.

Fancy Helpers


for you.


Configurable SVG patterns.


HTML-only share links for most social networks.


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