Serval Chat, Conversation

The Serval Project provides a phone-to-phone mesh network.

In a mesh network, devices communicate with each other in a distributed fashion, bypassing a central authority.

Serval Chat is a user-friendly app version of The Serval Project. Since the more nodes the better the connection, reducing friction is crucial.


Contacts Panel

Friends (contacts allowed to talk)

Groups and

Requests (pending permissions).

conversation panel

Conversation Panel

Conversation panel reveals history and input panels.

search conversation

Search Conversation

swiping to the right, conversation search and stats are shown.

User searches by keyword and filter by specific media, with option to refine it more (depending on media).

conversation input


user clicks to text, or cycle for other input modes.

Input modes are:
Media (Audio or Video)
Photo (Gallery or Camera)
File (File, Location, Search, Contact)
and Plugins.

text input

Text Input

The most basic input, with keyboard.

camera input

Photo Input

Options are Gallery and Camera.

media input

Media Input

Options are:
Audio (30" limit) or
Video (15" limit)

file input

File Input

Options are:
File (any file on the device)
Locations (favorite locations)
Contacts (from Friends list) or
Searches (favorite neighborhood searches)

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