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* All business loans are subject to credit approval, verification, and collateral evaluation. Loan approvals are subject to your meeting lender’s specific underwriting requirements, and approval will be based on the validation of these requirements. Instant Decision relies on information about your company, including business banking data, and the lender may need to collect additional data about your company in order to provide an approval. Information not supplied during Instant Decision, such as the presence of outstanding personal or business debt, judgments, or liens, can also cause the approved loan amount to be adjusted or may cause your application to be declined. Maximum loan amount is $100,000.00. Actual terms (including actual loan amounts) may vary by applicant. Complete disclosure of interest rate, fees, and payment terms are provided by the lender in the Loan Agreement. On Deck Capital lends in most states. In certain states and for certain loan sizes and amounts, On Deck loans are issued through our lending partner, MetaBank, a federally chartered savings bank.