ethical code

notes for the ethical code project


Here are my notes, then zee notes, for zee to consolidate and announce.


  1. Palantir as company and developers
  2. non-developers (use laymen terms)
  3. maintainers
    1. software is in use by palantir
    2. not on palantir and want to protect themselves


  1. maintainers with software in use
    1. change the licensing: point to the research
    2. pledge on README (badge)
    3. donate money to a group that opposes ICE (README that they did)
  2. maintainers unsure if they are used by palantir
    1. github oauth to detect if (alerts? phase 2? discuss)
      1. if yes, check “maintainers with software in use”
      2. if no, how to protect yourself from it
  3. dev non-mantainers
    1. raise an issue on ethical license (padding with warnings, how to behave)
    2. donate money to a group that opposes ICE (if you can afford)
    3. donate to repo (better contrast for repos on pledge)
  4. non-dev
    1. dashboard, graphs, progress, bird-eye view: explain what they are seeing (phase 2?)

Arguments to expose

Tech to discuss