notes on boards project
Published in 29 Jan 2020

OS business model


Name Stakeholder
Topology application Janeraka, nycmesh
Post-it application Pushpin port? how?
Art application define
Boards Platform Bernardo Fontes
Business Model Georgia Bullen

Notes by Oliver

Grants to look out for

Possible Fiscal Sponsors

Partnerships to study


Ryzome Fractured artists Open source collective Walking paper project

Models to study

model to validate (it’s a very crude model)

some for-profit projects trying the same thing

Cheap Projectors to buy

  Name Price Lumens Image
1 DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector $80 5000 aaa
2 Bomaker A2 720P Portable Projector $120 4500 aaa
3 Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector $77 4200 aaa

17 Best Projectors under 100 in 2019

Cheap adapters

Cheap Webcams to buy

  Name Price Image
1 HD Webcam 1080P with Privacy Shutter and Tripod Stand $40 aaa
2 FOONEE 1080P Full HD Webcam $33 aaa