Krita Shortcuts

Published in 29 Jan 2020

First off, use popup tool for most anything. Find trigger, and learn usage.

control-shift-F full screen

For anything popup tool bar DOESN’T cover:

Alt-UP Activate next layer (was pgup) Alt-DOWN Activate previous layer (was pgdn) Control-Shift J cut selection to new layer

Control shift A deselect

color Picker Brushes outLine selection tool

Brush Blend Modes Alt-shift-(capitalized letter)

behind Q cleaR Color color Burn color Dodge darKen diffErence dIssolve eXclusion Hard light hard mix L hard overlay P hUe liGhten lineAr burn linear dodge W linear light J luminosity Y Multiply Normal pin light Z saTuration Screen soFt light Vivid light

control-L levels control-U HVS adjustment


shift-del remove layer f2 rename current layer

brush size

[ decrease ] increase

G gradient V move tool

control-alt-C resize canvas


control + zoom in control - zoom out